Friday, September 22, 2006

Reflections on Open Forum

The Open Forum last night met my hopes and expectations. The facilities were very accommodating and there was a roving mike that allowed for easy interaction. The questions were pointed and probing coming from a variety of perspectives. No one went away thinking this was a crowd of Tucker supporters. Indeed, the make-up of those who came was far more interesting and diverse than I could have expected. The CTS president's wife sat near the front appearing to be taking copious notes. The adademic dean's daughter asked a question and made a comment near the end that was painfully emotional and showed how this ordeal has deeply affected families. There were prominent CRC ministers and former ministers, ministers from the Methodist and Reformed churches, a CTS board officer and an alternate member (who was distressed that the board officers had been so secretive about the matter), a Grand Rapids PRESS reporter, a CTS student KERUX reporter, former CTS students, an adjunct professor (who testified to her good treatment at the seminary), a colleague from a Canadian sister school, a team leader from CRC headquarters, an elder and other folks from my home church, CBE (Christians for Biblical Equality) members, and others with no discernable connections to organizations or churches.

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