Friday, August 18, 2006

Children's Books

Sarah McIntyre is my favorite children's illustrator--and not just because she's a very good friend who keeps me connected to the UK. I collect illustrated children's books and hers rank at the top.

Among the books displayed on my 8-foot, 2-tiered book-rack are those in her colorful "Adventures of Riley" series, including "Amazon River Rescue" and "Dolphins in Danger."

Check them out on Amazon. Also check out her wonderfully illustrated website:

The site doesn't include the illustrated Christmas card she sent me--the absolute best I've ever seen. Maybe she'll post it one of these days.


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  3. Aww... you're just saying that 'cause I make comments on your blog... ;-)

    I have a very unwieldy excuse for a website, where you'll find my Christmas card, at:
    (I'm hoping to set up a proper site soon!)
    is my ongoing blog site.

    I illustrated the first five Riley books, but I'm studying at art school now, and someone else is illustrating six and beyond. (They are supposed to look like my work, but I'm not so sure...)

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